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We build custom homes in every price range. On any given year, we will build homes priced from $140,000.00 to well over $1,000,000.00. We believe that quality is meant for every price range.

We run our business with Quality, Integrity, and Distinction in mind.


The following is a list of services, products, and upgrades that we include as standard in all of our quotes. It is a list of things that we do that set us apart from other builders. We know that your choice of homebuilder will not be based on price alone. We hope that this list allows you to make a more informed decision.

  1. Easy access to your builder - You will always have access to your builder during working hours. Your calls will go straight to his cell phone, not to his office, job foreman, or secretary. Better accessibility leads to better communication, and ultimately to a better building experience.
  2. Blown in cellulose above ground sidewall insulation - We choose to use blown in sidewall insulation on above grade level exterior sidewalls. Our cellulose also has a built in mildicide and fungicide, so if the insulation ever gets wet it will inhibit mold from forming inside your walls. This is the best choice for making your home safe and energy efficient.
  3. Low E double paned windows filled with argon gas for energy efficiency - Much of the heat lost in winter months and cool air lost in the summer months is lost through the windows of your home. Specifically, about 45% of heat that enters your home in the summer enters through your windows. Our standard window package includes Kolbe and Kolbe or Andersen Low-E Windows. Because of the sun's natural position in the sky during the four seasons, light hits your windows at different angles throughout the year. Low-E windows reflect sunlight during the warmer months and help keep your house cool, while allowing light to penetrate your windows and help heat your home during the winter. These windows are double paned and filled with argon gas in between the panes. The argon gas acts as insulation, further increasing energy efficiency. These energy efficient windows lead to lower heating bills and could qualify you for a tax credit.
  4. High efficiency water heaters and furnaces - Our water heaters and furnaces cost less to operate and are easier on the environment than conventional furnaces and water heaters.
  5. Our "basic" trim package - We think that the interior of your home should reflect the quality with which it was built. That is why we use paintable 7 ¼ -inch base trim and 3 ½ inch casing as our standard trim package.
  6. 9' basement ceilings - The basement is a great way to add inexpensive livable square footage to your home. Nine-foot basement ceilings mean that your basement will feel more like home and less like you are underground.
  7. CAT 5E - We use CAT 5E internet and telephone wiring in all our homes. This allows for better data transfer and makes it easier to network your home should you decide to do so.
  8. Engineered floor system - Engineered floor systems mean that your home will be more structurally sound and that you will hear less creaking when you walk around inside of your home years down the road. They are also more level than dimensional lumber.
  9. Roof peak ventilation system - Combined with soffit ventilation, a roof peak ventilation system allows your roof to breathe and reduces moisture accumulation, which in turn reduces the possibility of mold. Because there is less heat in the attic, your shingles will last longer.
  10. 2" X 8" construction on basement look out or walk out areas - Building code requires 2" X 6" studs; we choose to use 2" X 8" inch studs. The larger studs add rigidity for structural integrity and allow room for more insulation, which helps the energy efficiency of your home.
  11. Filter covers on registers during construction - Dust is unavoidable during the construction process, but there is no reason it should be allowed to permeate your ventilation system and the air you will breathe. Our register covers are installed to keep as much of the dust as possible out of your vents.
  12. LVL headers on all exterior windows and doors - We choose to use LVL headers on every exterior window and doorway. This results in less window and doorway sagging, as well as improved structural integrity.
  13. 5/8 inch drywall on ceilings - Using thicker drywall on ceilings leads to less sagging. Although code does not require 5/8 inch ceiling drywall, we choose to use it.


The following is an example of the numbers section of one of our quotes. We list every item that will go into your home, and the cost associated. We even list our profit and overhead at the bottom of the quote.

*Land Prep: Strip Top Soil,$-
  Excavation/Backfill, Final Grade$-
Pemits: Building, driveway, septic, well$-
Soil Test$-
Water Test$-
Concrete Work$-
Concrete Basement Work$-
Concrete Driveway/Sidewalk Allowance$-
Concrete Walls$-
Drain Tile$-
Garage floor$-
Framing labor$-
Framing material$-
Floor system$-
Roofing labor$-
Finish Work/Materials
Alarm System$-
Drywall Labor (Hanging and Finishing)$-
Exterior Doors$-
Interior Doors$-
  Solid Core$-
  Hollow Core$-
Painting labor and material (interior)$-
Trim Labor$-
Trim Materials$-
Window Allowance$-
Appliances Allowance$-
Bathroom Tops$-
Kitchen Tops$-
Exterior Material/Labor
Deck Labor$-
Deck Material$-
Garage Doors/Openers$-
Siding Labor$-
  Cement Board$-
Siding Material$-
  Cement Board$-
Electrical Material and Labor$-
  Air Conditioner$-
  Air Filter$-
Light Fixture Allowance$-
Plumbing Material and Labor$-
*Septic Allowance$-
Sewer Connection Allowance$-
Water Connection$-
Water Softener$-
Ceramic Floors$-
Oak Flooring$-
Landscaping/Lot Maintenance
Landscaping Allowance$-
Site Clean Up$-
Sprinkler System Allowance$-
List of Items not Included in Quote but that Should be Budgeted for:
Closing Costs
Lot Costs
Termite Treatment
Winter Charges
Insurance by Owner
Title Work

*Allowances Explained

Most items listed as an allowance in the numbers portion of your quote are listed as such because the total price depends on your selections. For example, the lighting allowance is enough to cover the cost of all necessary light fixtures in your home, but it is possible to spend much more depending on the fixtures that you personally pick out.

The only three numbers in your quote that cannot be guaranteed are:

  1. Land Prep - The allowance number that we have put in is our best guess as to the final cost of land preparation for your project. However, it is impossible to know at the quoting stage if you will need a few loads of fill sand to level the driveway, have to haul dirt away due to the size of the lot, or bring in more dirt to complete the final grade.
  2. Septic (If Applicable) - Until we apply for a permit and the Department of Health tells us how large the septic field has to be for your house, we cannot guarantee that this allowance number will be accurate.
  3. Well (If Applicable) - Due to the varying heights of water tables, the depth of your well cannot be determined until the well drilling company starts drilling. The depth of the well determines the cost.

Our Promise

At your request, Capstone Building & Remodeling will produce invoices directly from our subcontractors showing our incurred costs for the three items listed above. So that you feel comfortable that we will not benefit financially from inflating any of these three items, we will not attach any builder commission to these overages.


Our work speaks for itself in this regard. Please refer to our portfolio for examples.


Craig A. Taelman
Craig A. Taelman – A graduate of Indiana University, Craig grew up around the building industry and has been in it ever since. 20 years ago, Craig began to focus on home building and has built over 200 custom homes. Craig recently celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife, Sally, and enjoys oil painting in his down time.

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