"My Wife and I began the home building process nine years ago. We were introduced to Craig by my father who had just recently finished his home. It was our first home in this area and second overall that we had built. We had a wonderful and fun experience. Every detail was explained and all of our ideas were explored allowing us to feel very comfortable. The potential building materials and products made available was seemingly unlimited as we wished to create a truly unique custom home.

Craig was always enthusiastic about our building process and since the completion has been a great resource. So now that we are beginning to plan our second home, there was never any doubt that Craig Taelman would be our builder."

Hugh & Lori Hedman
Woodland Hills

"We got a good feeling about Craig right from the first time we met him. Our home was a complicated home to build, but Craig was very organized and professional at all times, which simplified the process greatly. The fact that he was always readily available to help made a big difference for us. He helped us make many decisions and we are ultimately very pleased with our new home. We highly recommend him and his entire organization as a custom home builder."

Art & Julie Toth

"We are thrilled with our new home! We know that building a home would/could be stressful at times, however, Craig was wonderful to work with and made the whole process much easier and enjoyable. Craig always gave us ample time at each stage to pick out item's, such as electrical and plumbing, etc. We never felt rushed into making last minute decisions.

Craig was able to advise and help in areas that some builders leave to their clients, ie. pulling together colors of roofing, brick, etc. We had added extras thanks to Craig's advice, that we are very happy with, upgrade on trim , extra windows, etc.

He was very up front and patient with regard to trying to keep to a budget amount and always patient with the changes we made along the way. His follow up was exceptional. We appreciated his honesty, professionalism, desire to please his clients. Craig's staff was most helpful in design phases and always courteous! We enjoyed getting to know Craig and his staff. Thank them all for such a pleasant experience and a wonderful home."

Mark & Angie Priebe